Baru tahu ada Jegeg-Jegeg Banjar Bali USA hahaha

Banjar Bali

bb galungan 2014 Om Swastyastu and Happy Galungan – Kuningan from Banjar Bali to you and yours!

Saturday bright early morning

All members of Banjar Bali

About ready to go for a gathering

To celebrate joyous ten days holiday of Galungan and Kuningan

Prayers session with fresh flowers, lit incense and gayatri mantra

Accompanied by acapella recital

And holy water sprinkle overhead

Asking for forgiveness and blessing from the higher being

Delicious traditional Balinese cuisine luncheon

Jack fruit with assorted meats

Grilled satay skewers, steamed chicken in banana leaves, and peanut anchovies

Everyone is enjoying meals together

Janger dancing is next

Ladies and gentlemen are chanting in unison

Special act for the new Banjar members

They must perform janger and kecak dance

There is Veda enlightenment session

There are also Non Hindu Dharma guests

It is a social event joyous celebration

Happy Galungan and Kuningan

May all of us find happiness, great health…

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