The first impression is  very important to build our image in front of other people. I think we can get the good impression If we can do positive visual for example: how you look when meet with someone, vocal: your voice when speaking or make a conversation, and verbal: what you say with other people when meet someone for the first time.

Now, I want to give you advice from my opinion about what you should or shouldn’t do if you want to make a good impression especially when you going to go to a job interview.

If you want to make a good impression especially when you going to go to a job interview you should wear clean and neat clothes so do clean shoes. Emm…It’s a good idea to wear trousers, shirt and tie for a man. And for a women I think it’s also a good idea to wear shirt complete with beautiful scarf or tie or medium skirt. You Shouldn’t wear a very short skirt or sexy clothes for an interview, it can give the wrong first impression. You Shouldn’t wear clothes with freaks bright color like the shirt with red yellow big stripe, or strange style look like a dangdut’s singer style. For a women, you should use the minimalist make up to make your face fresh and natural.

I think the body language say a lot about our personality. You should shake a person’s hand but I it’s not good idea if you kiss them suddenly in first meeting.(#taktakdungcezz)

Don’t forget you should smile when you meet someone for the first time to make situation relax and make your feeling better from nervous. You shouldn’t sit with your foot in the table. You should sit patiently until the officer give you some direction for the job interview.

When you have some question you should answer it with the polite sentences. You should talk clearly and you shouldn’t talk fast or over loudly. It’s make someone to hear that can’t comfort because of your voice too noisy.

On Time please!

And the most important  you should pray before you going to go to a job interview.

Good luck!